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Explore Haohua’s PVC Machines at CHINAPLAS 2024

CHINAPLAS 2024, from April 23-26 in Shanghai, will impact the plastics industry globally. As Asia’s top plastics event, it draws manufacturers, experts, and buyers seeking new tech, materials, and applications. Major brands will exhibit innovative portfolios. As a leading manufacturer of PVC machines, our brand Haohua will also be participating and showcasing our solutions at booth 6.1C56.


Haohua’s Objectives at CHINAPLAS 2024

At the event, we aim to reconnect with our customers. This will allow us to better understand how their businesses and needs may have changed. We aim to discuss future collaborations and ensure our PVC machine solutions continue meeting or exceeding their requirements. CHINAPLAS 2024 presents a great opportunity to regain presence and insight through quality face-to-face interactions.

Another key objective is to introduce our latest product innovations. You will experience advances in our PVC machinery first-hand. Our exhibit highlights innovations in new technology in extrusion systems. Through interactive displays and demonstrations, visitors will see optimized performance, including high output and exact quality control. Handling products gives understanding beyond descriptions.

By actively engaging with attendees at the exhibition, we also hope to identify new partners and market segments. CHINAPLAS 2024 provides a global platform to discover untapped demand and expansion opportunities. New connections may potentially lead to serving customers in different geographies and industry verticals using innovative PVC machine solutions.

What to Expect at Haohua’s Booth in CHINAPLAS 2024?

At our booth (6.1C56), visitors can immerse themselves in product insights and lively discussions with industry experts. An expansive exhibition space will be dedicated to showcasing our innovative machinery solutions and cultivating meaningful engagements. Here’s what you can expect:

Insight Communication About PVC Manufacturing Machine

Visitors to our booth can expect insightful presentations and discussions with our technical experts on emerging industry topics like automation and customization. Interactive sessions will provide first-hand knowledge on enhancing productivity, reducing costs, and improving process efficiencies using advanced plastic extrusion and PVC machine technology.

PCV Manufacturing Solution Showcase

At our booth, attendees can explore Haohua’s innovative PVC machine solutions through live demonstrations. We will be showcasing our PVC Imitation Marble Production Line and PVC Gusset Wall Panel Production Line, which are known for precision, high output, and outstanding surface finishes.

A. PVC Imitation Marble Production Line

Ranging from the economical 80/156 extruder to the wide 91/188 model for high output needs, our imitation marble PVC production line delivers true-to-life veining and edge definitions for durable yet elegant flooring. Visitors can view how the integrated cutting station rapidly cuts hot sheets into customizable sizes at the tap of a button. Operators will also demonstrate how the automatic edge polishing unit creates flawless marble surfaces with minimal finishing work required.

PVC Imitation Marble Production Line

B. PVC Gusset Wall Panel Production Line

Encompassing versatile units like the multi-purpose SJSZ48/118, attendees will see first-hand how multiple panel profiles of our PVC wall panel production line can be produced on a single run. PVC machine models on display, like the high-capacity SJSZ53/128, showcase efficient space-saving designs to manufacture over 1200sqm of panels per day without compromising quality. Operators will highlight advanced vibration control systems that help minimize joint cracks even when fabricating extra-large or ultra-thin panels.

PVC Machines

Product Inquiry Solutions

One-on-one consultations with our knowledgeable representatives will provide customized proposals and virtual simulations. Our contracts specialists will also be on hand to discuss project scoping, installation support, financing options, and more.

About Haohua

As a leader in PVC machine technology, our brand, Haohua, has accumulated extensive industry experience and insights over years of operations. With a strong workforce, we are committed to manufacturing the highest quality machinery. Our ISO 9001-certified production processes ensure rigorous quality control from raw material testing to post-installation support.

In addition to our excellence in traditional PVC machine lines, we also pioneered developments in other composite solutions to meet the evolving needs of builders and designers. Through continuous learning and innovation, our goal is to help customers unlock new possibilities with plastics while reducing their carbon footprint.  We welcome you to Booth 6.1C56 at CHINAPLAS 2024 to experience Haohua’s excellence first-hand. We look forward to meeting you in Shanghai!

Media Contact:

Company Name: Haohua



Tel: +86 15052122502

Address: No. 8, Xihong Road, Xinwu District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China

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